Turn to Lynn’s Auto Service for Your Auto Repairs & Maintenance Preventive Needs


Lynn’s Auto Service is proud to be locally owned and operated in Murray, UT. We have been providing quality automotive repair and preventive maintenance services for the southern Salt Lake City metropolitan area since 2000. We pride ourselves in delivering the highest levels of customer service and satisfaction while maintaining competitive prices.

The mechanics at Lynn’s Auto Service aren’t just good at their job. Moreover they have undergone the rigorous certification procedures required of an ASE certified shop. This includes continuing education to maintain the certification, with re-tests every 5 years. On top of that, the team at Lynn’s automotive is an ASA member. The reviews left by our loyal customers are the result of the training in this organization.

With over 15 years of experience we’ve seen just about everything here. From fixing a botched home repair job to assisting with a pre-buy inspection Lynn’s Auto Service is there for our customers. Being local to Murray, UT means we get to put our customer first and foremost. On occasion, we stay a little late just to make sure they were taken care of. We put you first, and our reviews reflect this dedication to customer service.

Trust the Experts


We can provide almost any type of automotive service here. Furthermore, not only do we work with the average car on the road, but can work on heavy-duty vehicles as well. We can provide basic car care, such as an oil change, or extensive diagnostics and repair of any system in the car. From wheel alignment to a broken sunroof we’ll figure out what’s wrong with your car. Our technicians explain the necessary repairs needed to fix the issues. Next they give you recommendations on preventive auto maintenance. Consequently, they go over the risks of putting maintenance off and the benefits of getting it done right away. We give you the knowledge to make the best decision for your car, today and tomorrow.

Whether you need preventative maintenance or a diagnosis and repair near Murray, UT call Lynn’s Automotive Service at (801) 265-8748 or fill out our on-line form when you need any automotive service.