Oil Changes

Oil is your car’s lifeblood- without it, your car would fail to operate and break down entirely. Because it is such an essential component for the driveability and overall health of your vehicle, it is vital to get your oil changed at regular intervals, as recommended by your car’s manufacturer, in order to keep your car running in good condition and avoid costly and time-consuming repairs down the road. Lynn’s Auto Service can help you fit oil changes into your busy schedule with our fast and affordable schedule. For residents of Murray, UT and surrounding areas, Lynn’s Auto Service is your one-stop shop for oil changes. We prove many other services and repairs your car needs to be at its best.


Over time, the oil in your car breaks down and becomes contaminated with dirt, engine debris, and dust from the outside environment. All of this can lead to a sharp decrease in its effectiveness at performing crucial functions such as keeping the engine lubricated, cooling engine components and removing buildup, sludge and particles from the engine. Changing your oil regularly (most manufacturers recommend once every 5,000 miles) can help maintain the health of your car’s engine. It can also prolong the overall life of your car by ensuring that the oil is doing its job properly.


Trust the Experts

When you bring your vehicle in for a routine maintenance service including an oil change, your technician will drain and properly dispose of the old oil and replace it with up to 5 quarts of new oil. Additionally, your technician will replace your oil filter and lubricate the chassis of your car, as well as perform a check on your fluid levels, check your tire pressure, and inspect your battery and air filter, among other components. You will receive a report of any potential issues the technician spots during the checkup. Therefore you can be aware of anything that may need to be fixed or addressed in the near future. When you bring your car to Lynn’s Auto Service for an oil change, you can be sure you will receive a comprehensive and thorough examination to ensure that your car is running at its peak.

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Lynn’s Auto Service in Murray, UT is committed to quality repair work and exemplary customer service for every client we serve. We go the extra mile to provide you and your car with the very best in automotive care at affordable prices. Call us today at 801-265-8748 to schedule your oil change appointment with the seasoned pros at Lynn’s Auto Service. We look forward to working with you!